Digital Register System

The Digital Register System is an electronic Attendance register system developed specifically for the youth club setting.

Below are its key benefits:

Time: This system would save the administrator time. This system would also save the young person’s time on average because it takes less time to type in a name then to go through a paper based list of members to find the correct name to tick.

Cost Effective: The cost of the administrator will be reduced due to the cut of 4 hours per week it takes to input the collected data each week on to an online system.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the data collected every session would be increased.

Security: It would be very secure due to the fact that a young person can’t see the attendance of other young people throughout the week.

Environment: It would be a more green system as well due to its no paper requirement.

Improvement on Stress levels of staff and young people: Staff at the door will be under less stress due to not needing to look for the young person's name, managing accumulated crowds while young people at the door sign in. The young people will be under less stress due to less time spend looking for their name in the list.